Terms and Privacy

They say that is a good idea to let visitors know about “privacy” and “term of service”. Just let me say that along with 99.999% of website owners, I use a host that has industry standard protections. Further, I won’t ask you for any info on yourself – EVER. So if you get something asking for info, it is not from me. Nowadays, just about every server collects information about each visit by each person, but none of that is about the visitor themselves – just general non-specific info. So if I wanted, I could look at that data.

With regard to Terms, just realize that I am human and there will be errors on this site. I TAKE ZERO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THOSE ERRORS!!!  In visiting my site, you agree that any real, perceived, thought, envisioned, or whatever harm is your fault alone. You will assign ABSOLUTELY NO BLAME to me or anyone vaguely or remotely associated with this site. No links to other websites are guaranteed in any way – go to those sites at your own risk.

Sorry, just wanted to keep the liability for using this site where it belongs.