Mt Pleasant Boarding Kennel Exercises

Regular exercises can help improve the health and general behavior of your pet in many different ways. Research has found that many pets are prone to illnesses from being overweight from limited exercise. Obesity in pets can lead to illnesses like heart complications, breathing issues, arthritis, among others. Due to work and other engagements, pet owners find it easier to treat their pets with good food but forget that they also need exercise. Cat and dog boarding kennel staff personnel see many pets and how they like to play and exercise. Visit your local kennel or pet resort to get ideas on what types of exercise you may want try with your pets. This article will discuss 5 exercises to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Interval Walk

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Walking your pet (especially dogs) every morning or evening can be an effective exercise for them. Studies have shown that walks of about 20-30 minutes per session improve the metabolic processes of an animal. You can also couple interval walking with stair climbing to enhance the pet’s heart and associated metabolic processes. A healthy heart helps avoid problems of calcification in the heart arteries thus helping prevent heart failure in pets. Improved metabolism will help convert the food eaten into energy. This energy will be used in other body functions thus maintaining the health of your dog or cat.

Pet Swimming

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Swimming is a favorite game for certain pets like dogs. You should consider providing swimming facilities to enable your dog have swimming sessions at least twice per week. Swimming is especially a good exercise for older pets that might be suffering from arthritic joints. Older pets might not do well in exercises like running and providing them with swimming can improve their aerobic conditions. You should, however, be careful with where your pets swim. Places like ponds and rivers with dead fish or other contamination should be avoided. Such places might have bacteria that might cause illnesses. Chlorinated swimming pools should also be avoided as it might irritate the pet’s skin.

Pet Dancing

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While dancing can be fun, it is also a perfect exercise for your pet. Dogs are among the pets that dancing can work well as a form of exercise. The success of dancing exercise largely depends on how you have trained your pet to respond to commands. Dogs that take commands well can be taught different dancing styles as a form of exercise. Dancing will help improve the metabolic process in the body of your pet and keep them alert.

Pet Balancing Activities

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These are assisted forms of exercises for pets. They work with various types of pets such as dogs and cats. Balancing activities may involve boards, physio-balls, peanut-shaped physio-rolls among others. The weight of the pet is put on the balancing board while its legs touch the ground. You will then be required to move the body from side to side. This helps in weight shifting and muscle contraction. Balancing activities are more effective in healing sick pets. It also works well with old unhealthy pets.

Dog Fly Ball Exercises

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This is a kind of a game whereby you will be required to have a small ball that can fit into the mouth of your dog. You will then be throwing it in a certain direction and asking your dog to run after it and bring it back. Fly ball exercises require a spacious field for it to be successful. It also depends on how you have trained your dog to respond to your commands.

Pet Exercising

Exercising your pets can go a long way in keeping them physically fit. It can also help improve their immunity to disease. But it all starts with knowing the right kind of exercise to apply. Visit your local pet boarding facility to see what exercises they use for their optional “play times”. Check with your veterinarian to see if your selected exercises are the best for your particular pet.