Paper Training a Puppy

puppy training

No, we aren’t talking about training your puppy to go fetch your paper every morning. Paper training a puppy is about teaching him how when he needs to go, he has to go to a place where you have set sheets of newspaper down. You do this when you can’t take your dog out at regular intervals for some reason.

This might seem like a difficult process – paper training your puppy. But it really isn’t. You just need to know how to go about it. What you learn here should help and you’ll need patience communicating to your puppy what exactly you need him to do.

The first thing you need to do when you’re paper training a puppy, of course, is you need to go haul out a bunch of old newspapers. If you don’t have any, you have to find a friend who does. These are your main raw material.

The next thing you need to do is to decide what part of your house you wish to set aside for this. This is actually kind of important. Once you do decide on the spot, you’ll train your dog for that place, and it’s going to be hard to get him to move anywhere else should you change your mind later. It will be hard enough to train your dog to use one spot without complicating things with changing your mind.

Just choose the place that is easy for Fido to run to. It will also be a good idea to make sure that the place you pick is rather out of the way. You want to give your dog a little privacy when he is going about his business, and you want to make sure that you don’t have to step over anything on your way around the house.

To do the actual training, you need to keep an eye out for behavior that shows you that he’s anxious to go. If he is whimpering or walking about in circles or sniffing the furniture, you know what he has on his mind. Right away, you want to lead him to the spot where you have newspapers spread out all ready.

When he’s actually doing it, you want to be very enthusiastic and happy with him. He needs to see that he’s doing something great, so that he wants to do it again. To make sure that he remembers that this is the place he needs to go, when you clear that soiled newspapers out, be sure to smear a little bit of his poop on the newspapers. He’ll remember.

House Training a Puppy

House training a puppy can be a moderately difficult task; often though, it turns more difficult than it has to, because of a few commonly held misconceptions. Let’s get right to it.

house training dogVery young puppies have an ability to sleep right through the night. They just don’t need to wake up to go pee. New owners who look at this, assume that their puppies have a great ability to hold it in. The following day, they never think of taking the puppy out more than once every eight hours; the puppy gets distressed and goes right there on the carpet. Why should the little one be so erratic, they wonder.


Dog Natural Rhythms

House training a puppy is all about understanding what his natural rhythms are. The body doesn’t produce as much waste during the sleep hours. You can’t hold a puppy to the kind of needs he has during his sleep time. If your puppy is already doing quite well in his house training, he should be able to hold it in for three hours at a time. That’s what the SPCA of San Francisco says is right when you’re house training a puppy. People and animals both grow into their ability to hold it in as they age. The most you can expect of even a grown dog is about five hours.

Set a Routine for Your Dog

When you’re only starting the process of house training a puppy, a walk out every hour should be the routine you follow. To help him learn to hold it in, you can put him in a small crate between toilet breaks. Dogs don’t like to soil the place they are in. If they are in a small confined place, they’ll hate the idea of dirtying it up. This will help them learn to hold it in. But you do need to remember to not put him in the crate directly after the toilet break. He’s a puppy – give him a little playtime with you.

Give Your Dog Some Time Outside

When you take your puppy out to get him to do his business, you can’t turn back home the moment he finishes – like you’re impatient to be done with it. This way, your puppy begins to learn that if he makes the mistake of peeing when on a nice walk, the walk ends right away. He doesn’t want it to end right away. To keep him from getting this message, make sure that you walk for several minutes after he does this thing.

Correct Your Dog at the Time of Mistake

And finally, dog owners, the new ones especially, don’t understand that it can be difficult to communicate across species. If you walk into a room and find that the dog his left a nasty surprise for you right in the middle of the rug, of course you’ll want to launch into a tirade that instant. But you need to know that unless he did it 1 second ago, he’s just not getting the point what he did to deserve the dressing down. He might even believe that you don’t like it when he leaves his droppings right out in the open. He might decide to do it behind the bed. If you do have to give your dog a talking-to, make sure that you never do it unless it’s exactly when your dog has made a mistake.