Dog Vomiting

What should I do if my dog is vomiting?

In man, the symptoms of a disease may be easy to identify than in animals. This is enhanced by the ability to use verbal communication or the non-verbal like clenching the fists or holding the part of the body that is in pain. For animals, it is only a keen pet owner who can sense that something is wrong. Some of the signs include watery stool, shedding fur, a running nose and if the pet sleeps all day. When the vet gets dog vomiting questions like, I want to know why my dog is vomiting, the first thing he or she does is to get to the cause of the condition. Some of the causes are more severe while others are things the pet owner should handle effectively to avoid reoccurrence. This queasy condition may be caused by giving the animal food it is not accustomed to. It can also occur if the pet has the habit of chewing things or straying in the compound. Ingested substances that are not fit for consumption will give the pet owner frequent visits to the vet saying my dog is vomiting. In many cases, pets will behave differently during kennel boarding. Their schedule and diet is changed and this may be the cause. Dog boarding kennels are familiar with this and generally will medicate lightly and change the diet to the most bland pet food available. A full explanation will be provided to the pet owner upon pick up of their pet.

Other serious causes include gastritis, eating quickly, production of excess bile and having obstructions in the intestines. If the situation is out of control, the pet owner should rush to the vet, but some of the situations can be handled at home. The easiest of these remedies is to avoid giving the pet food for a couple of hours (two to three) so that the digestive system can pick up. Sometimes, depending with the severity of the condition, the pet should stay without food for twenty four hours. When the pet resumes eating, you can reduce the portions considerably because the system is not fully active and can induce another bout of queasiness. The meal can be home-made using rice broth and make sure it does not have salt. You can also make some soup of any kind but without the onion. This will be easy for the pet. You can also give it some water.

It is important to keep the pet hydrated throughout the episode, and this means giving plenty of water to assist in rehydration. The pet should not go back to the solid foods quickly, but if you notice the condition has improved, you can boil some chicken for it in three days time. If the situation was caused by eating quickly, the solution might be in controlling the rations and making sure they are regular so that the pet is not so hungry that it ends up eating quickly. For the more serious cases, only a medical examination can help. As soon as you are troubled, you need to see a vet. He or she will conduct the physical examination like feeling the pet’s stomach. If the situation is worse, scans will be conducted. But before all these, it is important for you to find the cause. For instance, my dog is vomiting because it has swallowed a toy, it has intestinal irritation, it has worms or worse, it has stomach cancer.

Paper Training a Puppy

puppy training

No, we aren’t talking about training your puppy to go fetch your paper every morning. Paper training a puppy is about teaching him how when he needs to go, he has to go to a place where you have set sheets of newspaper down. You do this when you can’t take your dog out at regular intervals for some reason.

This might seem like a difficult process – paper training your puppy. But it really isn’t. You just need to know how to go about it. What you learn here should help and you’ll need patience communicating to your puppy what exactly you need him to do.

The first thing you need to do when you’re paper training a puppy, of course, is you need to go haul out a bunch of old newspapers. If you don’t have any, you have to find a friend who does. These are your main raw material.

The next thing you need to do is to decide what part of your house you wish to set aside for this. This is actually kind of important. Once you do decide on the spot, you’ll train your dog for that place, and it’s going to be hard to get him to move anywhere else should you change your mind later. It will be hard enough to train your dog to use one spot without complicating things with changing your mind.

Just choose the place that is easy for Fido to run to. It will also be a good idea to make sure that the place you pick is rather out of the way. You want to give your dog a little privacy when he is going about his business, and you want to make sure that you don’t have to step over anything on your way around the house.

To do the actual training, you need to keep an eye out for behavior that shows you that he’s anxious to go. If he is whimpering or walking about in circles or sniffing the furniture, you know what he has on his mind. Right away, you want to lead him to the spot where you have newspapers spread out all ready.

When he’s actually doing it, you want to be very enthusiastic and happy with him. He needs to see that he’s doing something great, so that he wants to do it again. To make sure that he remembers that this is the place he needs to go, when you clear that soiled newspapers out, be sure to smear a little bit of his poop on the newspapers. He’ll remember.

Finding a Kitten for Sale

The search for the perfect pet can be overwhelming for some but you can find many wonderful pets online. Online shopping for animal companions is a time-saving approach to finding the ideal addition to your family. I recently searched for kittens for sale and I was thrilled with the results.

Cats come in many different forms. The feline species is very versatile but each breed is adorable in itself. This makes choosing just one pretty difficult for some of us. In order to assure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the many choices, it helps to make a targeted search when you look cats for adpotion or purchase.

One great approach is to choose a picture of your ideal kitty companion and start a search for kittens that are similar to your ideal. For example, I love the adorable little faces on the Himalayan cats and the Persian breeds are quite similar. I just started looking for cats in these two breeds.

In no time at all, I found a few cats that fell into this classification and in even less time, I was well on my way to owning a new kitten. The process of finding a feline companion is actually more involved that ordering one of the cute little critters. Finding pets online is a wonderful approach that saves a lot of time and effort.

There are other benefits to finding cats for sale online. Many of the cats come from professional breeders and you can expect the finest quality. These animals are well loved and they are given the best of the best as far as care and affection. Their former owners have taken a lot of time to create Websites dedicated to kittens for sale. They put the same effort into their animals.

The pets are also vaccinated and some of the kittens are already neutered or spayed. While you can expect to pay for the cat, you actually save quite a bit of money when the animal has already had her shots and has been spayed. The cost of adopting these animals is well worth the investment.

I now have a new pet and I am so very glad that I chose to find my special animal companion online. The Himalayan kittens for sale are absolutely adorable and I wouldn’t trade mine for the world. Finding pets online is a wonderful experience.

Tips for Eliminating Pet Odors

clean pet dog odorYour home can look as wonderful as something out of an interior design magazine, but it is not going to be very pleasant if you have strange odors wafting around. There are many reasons why there may be a problem in your home, but most are easily dealt with and many only happen on rare occasion. However, there is one thing that never seems to go away, and that is the smell associated with pet accidents. If you have pets in your home, you should find good ways to go about eliminating pet odors so you are ready when something happens.

For some reason, pet odors are very stubborn. I have never come across anything that has the staying power of a pet accident. No matter what you do, it would seem that the odor is going to stay right where it is. Eliminating pet odors is something that many homeowners worry about, and most have no idea what to do. The first step is finding the source of the smell, and that can be hard at times as well. Once the majority of the accident is cleaned up, you have only solved half of the problem. Eliminating pet odors means getting some products that you may not normally have in your home.

There are some great products on the market that are made for eliminating pet odors. You may have to try a few before you find one that works well in your home. There are some home remedies as well, but make sure you know what you are doing before you try them. In college, a roommate of mine was told that putting ammonia on the spot would keep the pet from going there again, when in the end it only made the animal think that spot was the best for a litter box. Had she done some research, she would have known not to use the ammonia.

If you are eliminating pet odors that have nothing to do with urine, you may have some better luck. Some dogs have a naturally strong smell, and that is something that can get into your fabrics and your flooring. This can usually be removed by using a product like Febreze, or by having those things shampooed. Though this type of pet odor elimination is much easier, it is something you may have to do all of the time. Keep stocked up on supplies and remember that your animals are a part of the family, and accidents can happen.

Flea Pest Control


On a healthy grown dog, fleas may be nothing more than a nuisance. A dog that has health problems or one that isn’t keeping a healthy body weight can probably have serious health issues that come out of a flea infestation. While flea medication, the standard kind that you find over-the-counter at any pet store or drugstore can work with any adult dog, they really are not recommended for use on a puppy. What do you do if you have flea pest control problems dealing with puppies?

Fleas are parasites that live on the blood that they draw from an animal they bite. They do more than to merely than bite though. The saliva of a flea contains the eggs of parasitic worms. With the eggs of parasitic worms on their skin, dogs can become extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Puppies are small and they can’t afford the kind of blood loss that flea bites come with. Their little bodies quickly become anemic as can be seen from a puppy’s pale gums.

Almost any standard over-the-counter flea medication usually comes with warnings against use on puppies that are less than two months old. About the most popular treatment available for puppies is the Capstar one. It can be used as a flea pest control method with a puppy as young as a month old. With very young puppies, the best way to help with a flea pest control problem is usually to do it by hand and not depend on any treatments. What you do is, you bathe the young puppy in mild warm water with soap. This will usually kill all fleas.Once you’re done, you can dry your puppy and use a flea comb to remove any fleas that remain.

The way to bathe a puppy for flea control purposes is to apply the soap to the puppy’s coat before you actually wet the puppy. This way, the fleas have no time to prepare themselves for the assault. They just can’t survive in soap. The best soap for this kind of purpose is usually Dawn dish liquid. Prepare a soapy mixture half with water and half with soap and keep it ready before you bring your puppy into the room. You’ll need to soothe the puppy with a lot of tender loving care for a while before he’ll let you give him the treatment. Once your puppy is grown enough, say past the age of 2 to 3 months, you can put him on a regimen of preventive flea medication for his coat his whole life.

Mt Pleasant Boarding Kennel Exercises

Regular exercises can help improve the health and general behavior of your pet in many different ways. Research has found that many pets are prone to illnesses from being overweight from limited exercise. Obesity in pets can lead to illnesses like heart complications, breathing issues, arthritis, among others. Due to work and other engagements, pet owners find it easier to treat their pets with good food but forget that they also need exercise. Cat and dog boarding kennel staff personnel see many pets and how they like to play and exercise. Visit your local kennel or pet resort to get ideas on what types of exercise you may want try with your pets. This article will discuss 5 exercises to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Interval Walk

dog walking mt pleasant sc

Walking your pet (especially dogs) every morning or evening can be an effective exercise for them. Studies have shown that walks of about 20-30 minutes per session improve the metabolic processes of an animal. You can also couple interval walking with stair climbing to enhance the pet’s heart and associated metabolic processes. A healthy heart helps avoid problems of calcification in the heart arteries thus helping prevent heart failure in pets. Improved metabolism will help convert the food eaten into energy. This energy will be used in other body functions thus maintaining the health of your dog or cat.

Pet Swimming

mount pleasant sc cat swimming

Swimming is a favorite game for certain pets like dogs. You should consider providing swimming facilities to enable your dog have swimming sessions at least twice per week. Swimming is especially a good exercise for older pets that might be suffering from arthritic joints. Older pets might not do well in exercises like running and providing them with swimming can improve their aerobic conditions. You should, however, be careful with where your pets swim. Places like ponds and rivers with dead fish or other contamination should be avoided. Such places might have bacteria that might cause illnesses. Chlorinated swimming pools should also be avoided as it might irritate the pet’s skin.

Pet Dancing

dog dancing near mount pleasant

While dancing can be fun, it is also a perfect exercise for your pet. Dogs are among the pets that dancing can work well as a form of exercise. The success of dancing exercise largely depends on how you have trained your pet to respond to commands. Dogs that take commands well can be taught different dancing styles as a form of exercise. Dancing will help improve the metabolic process in the body of your pet and keep them alert.

Pet Balancing Activities

Mt Pleasant Feline Physical Therapy

These are assisted forms of exercises for pets. They work with various types of pets such as dogs and cats. Balancing activities may involve boards, physio-balls, peanut-shaped physio-rolls among others. The weight of the pet is put on the balancing board while its legs touch the ground. You will then be required to move the body from side to side. This helps in weight shifting and muscle contraction. Balancing activities are more effective in healing sick pets. It also works well with old unhealthy pets.

Dog Fly Ball Exercises

charleston sc dog fly ball

This is a kind of a game whereby you will be required to have a small ball that can fit into the mouth of your dog. You will then be throwing it in a certain direction and asking your dog to run after it and bring it back. Fly ball exercises require a spacious field for it to be successful. It also depends on how you have trained your dog to respond to your commands.

Pet Exercising

Exercising your pets can go a long way in keeping them physically fit. It can also help improve their immunity to disease. But it all starts with knowing the right kind of exercise to apply. Visit your local pet boarding facility to see what exercises they use for their optional “play times”. Check with your veterinarian to see if your selected exercises are the best for your particular pet.

Mt Pleasant Veterinarian Approved Pet Nutrition

Pet nutrition requirements are not the same as what is identified for human beings, but often times a good number of us are unaware of the requirements that should be included in their food. The better the quality and quantity of your pets’ food, the longer they live. Not to worry! Below are illuminated the top picks by experts in pet nutrition on components of proper nutrition for dogs and cats and to keep you abreast of what you need to always do for your pets to stay healthy and fit.

Pet Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

In reality, dogs and cats that are constantly fed a good quality diet don’t need any extra vitamins or minerals. Great teeth, bones and muscles will be fostered with good food. For instance, giving excess calcium to fast-growing breed puppies can lead to deformities of bones or muscles. Having pets chew hard food gives their teeth a cleaning and working that is beneficial. Poor diet leads to poor oral health and may require veterinary dentistry. The start of pet health starts at the teeth and goes from there. Care for their dental health and all follows, as you will read below. In cases of lack of understanding on what and how you need to feed your pets, your animal hospitals in the Charleston and Mount Pleasant area should be in the best position to give you expert advice.

Valuable Meat in Pets’ Diet

According to pet nutrition experts, your cats need twice the protein humans same and dogs. However, meat is the best form of protein advisable to catalyze the rate at which they grow. Cats usually require triple that quantity of protein for good nutrition and it must constantly come from meat or fish. Remember, the cat belongs to the carnivorous family. The word carnivore is derived from the Latin words carne (flesh) and vorare (devour). So precisely, the word carnivore means flesh eating.

This clearly explains why they must always feed on animal protein to acquire all the amino acids they need in their diet. According to research, taurine and arachidonic acid are not usually recommended for dogs but most times for cats. The dogs can easily obtain all the nutrients they need from vegetable sources as well from the meat source. This is why dogs belong to both the omnivorous and the carnivorous family just like humans. Nevertheless, other sources of protein such as beans, legumes, grains, vegetables and dairy sources are also recommended to help with your pet’s body and strength building process. Also, note this, excesses in calories, minerals can impact on the health of dogs and cats also, high supplies of dietary protein can lead to kidney diseases. Try to avoid an excess giving of protein supplements to your pets.

Corn Intake for Pet Nutrition

Corn, if thoroughly cooked, is able to be digested, and it also serves as a nourishing carbohydrate source in dry diets.


Out of all the essential food supplements needed for the healthy growth of your pets, water is the most required nutrient for every cell in the animal’s body. Water helps to aid digestion, temperature regulation, circulation, and nutrient absorption.

Fat Sources for Pets’ Food

Another important Dietary recommendation for dogs and cats is fat. It is regarded as one of the most concentrated source of energy for the dog and cat. Fat is needed in cell integrity and metabolic regulation. Saturated fat provides greater energy for dogs and cats than carbohydrates.

Pet Calorie Needs

Low-activity dogs need only about 185 to 370 calories daily, a large pooch requires between 67 to 88 pounds and may need between 1,000 to 2,000 calories.

Pet Nutrition Conclusion

Reading this piece will only guide you through how to find the right food for your dog or cat. My candid advice is that your local vet clinic or Mt Pleasant, SC veterinarian knows better when it comes to your pet’s nutritional needs. Talk to veterinarians or get a brochure from a veterinary clinic if you have questions about pet nutrition. Also, please watch the below video about veterinarians talking about feeding pets the right foods:

Animal Testing

We all understand that there are certain needs we, as a species, have in order to improve and extend our existence. Diseases such as cancer, AIDS, diabetes, et cetera are worldwide killers that many scientists and doctors are working round the clock to cure or, at least, contain.

Sadly, the most common way to study and treat these diseases is to use animal surrogates to try out new medicines and techniques. It is unquestionably necessary, but at the same time, unspeakably crue. Animals testing facilities are horrible to comprehend, especially given the distinct bonds between some of the animals (dogs, cats and chimpanzees come to mind) that are subject to the most awful experiments.

It’s inhumane. I mean that literally – the acts performed upon these animals are things that nothing but a sociopath would ever inflict upon another human being. But, sadly, it is probably necessary.

Animals testing the effects of cancer is a good example. Recent studies have come out showing that cancer in mice effects the nerve center that produces dopamine, a hormone that regulates mood and can cause either elation (if too much is present) or depression (if there is not enough dopamine in the system). Well recent tests on mice and rats that had cancer showed that they were, for lack of a better term, depressed.

Let me describe the scene: The scientists would place a physically fit specimin (a rat or a mouse) into a small pool of water, several feet from the edge and safety. Both species of animals, while not exactly dolphins, are adept enough in the water to swim without problems. To a mouse (heh), each fit specimin would immediately swim to the nearest dry platform and climb out of the water.

They then did the same test with rats and mice that had cancer. In this instance, over 90% of the cancer-stricken rodents would float listlessly in the center of the pool making no attempt to reach the sides or dry land. They weren’t being emo, they were being biologically sick. They were depressed.

How does that effect human beings? Well this example of animals testing illustrates that treating cancer perhaps requires more than just chemotherapy, radiation and rest. If you don’t have the will to fight the disease because of depression… you’ll be in big trouble. Now scientists and doctors can look into treating secondary and tertiary symptoms as long as the deadly, primary symptoms.

Veterinarian Pet Nutrition


This is a pretty good video about pet nutrition done by some veterinarians. The dog and cat examinations shown do not take to long to watch and there are a few tid-bits that you can learn about animals examined by vets.

Puppy Socialization

So you’ve got a new puppy in the household. If this is your first puppy, you may not be aware of the importance of puppy socialization. What does this term mean? Just as with children, socialization is an important component of making sure your new puppy develops a well-informed perspective of the world and society around him. The result of a good program of socialization is a more relaxed, safe and happy pet that lasts a lifetime. On the other hand, if you simply let the ‘chips fall where they may’, without taking steps to teach him to become accustomed to his normal environment in your neighborhood, he may become overly fearful, or aggressive when confronted with unfamiliar situations. Here we take a look at how you can give your puppy socialization that stands both him, and your household in good stead.

Start Puppy Socialization Early in Life

You should begin his socialization process at an early age, if possible. He’s able to begin accepting new experiences as early as 3 weeks of age. Let’s say you bring your new puppy home at 8 weeks. Now is the time to start!

If you live in a suburban or urban community, he’s bound to run into experiences of loud buses rolling by, children playing in the neighborhood, people on bikes, crowded streets brimming with a variety of people, honking cars – oh, and let’s not forget cats and the mail delivery person! Many other such social situations are mirrored in rural areas.

The More Puppy Exposure, the Better

The more exposure to society you can give your young pup, the better. However, it’s got to be conducted in small doses to begin with, gradually increasing the time spent in each situation gradually, giving him a chance to become accustomed to his society, without fear, discomfort or by developing an aggressive attitude. As your puppy socialization program progresses, he’ll naturally tend to accept the everyday events, people and animals he encounters as familiar, non-threatening experiences that lead to a well-adjusted, happy, relaxed and socialized pet. At the same time, he’ll still retain a healthy amount of suspicion towards unfamiliar situations, such as a prowler around the home – a good characteristic in a dog.

Canine Vaccinations Important

There is one caveat you should bear in mind when implementing your puppy socialization project: until your pup has received all of his vaccinations, there is a risk that he might pick up some diseases or parasites in certain public venues, such as public parks. The solution to this potential problem is easy. Safe socialization activities include taking him for rides in the car through your neighborhood, where he can view kids playing, cycling, or to the local fast food drive-up windows. Other possibilities are play sessions with neighbor’s dogs (those with vaccinations complete) and puppy classes (recommended by many vets) which are conducted in an indoor area, which is kept clean and free of disease dangers.

Don’t discount the seemingly mundane, at-home experiences, such as running the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, or TV. Kids playing loud music? Remember, everything is new to your puppy!

The earlier you start your puppy socialization program, the more well-adjusted and relaxed your new pet will be in the long run. Be patient, reassuring and start slowly; this is the road to success! Good luck!

Here is a 21 minute canine socialization video from a Doctor::

House Training a Puppy

House training a puppy can be a moderately difficult task; often though, it turns more difficult than it has to, because of a few commonly held misconceptions. Let’s get right to it.

house training dogVery young puppies have an ability to sleep right through the night. They just don’t need to wake up to go pee. New owners who look at this, assume that their puppies have a great ability to hold it in. The following day, they never think of taking the puppy out more than once every eight hours; the puppy gets distressed and goes right there on the carpet. Why should the little one be so erratic, they wonder.


Dog Natural Rhythms

House training a puppy is all about understanding what his natural rhythms are. The body doesn’t produce as much waste during the sleep hours. You can’t hold a puppy to the kind of needs he has during his sleep time. If your puppy is already doing quite well in his house training, he should be able to hold it in for three hours at a time. That’s what the SPCA of San Francisco says is right when you’re house training a puppy. People and animals both grow into their ability to hold it in as they age. The most you can expect of even a grown dog is about five hours.

Set a Routine for Your Dog

When you’re only starting the process of house training a puppy, a walk out every hour should be the routine you follow. To help him learn to hold it in, you can put him in a small crate between toilet breaks. Dogs don’t like to soil the place they are in. If they are in a small confined place, they’ll hate the idea of dirtying it up. This will help them learn to hold it in. But you do need to remember to not put him in the crate directly after the toilet break. He’s a puppy – give him a little playtime with you.

Give Your Dog Some Time Outside

When you take your puppy out to get him to do his business, you can’t turn back home the moment he finishes – like you’re impatient to be done with it. This way, your puppy begins to learn that if he makes the mistake of peeing when on a nice walk, the walk ends right away. He doesn’t want it to end right away. To keep him from getting this message, make sure that you walk for several minutes after he does this thing.

Correct Your Dog at the Time of Mistake

And finally, dog owners, the new ones especially, don’t understand that it can be difficult to communicate across species. If you walk into a room and find that the dog his left a nasty surprise for you right in the middle of the rug, of course you’ll want to launch into a tirade that instant. But you need to know that unless he did it 1 second ago, he’s just not getting the point what he did to deserve the dressing down. He might even believe that you don’t like it when he leaves his droppings right out in the open. He might decide to do it behind the bed. If you do have to give your dog a talking-to, make sure that you never do it unless it’s exactly when your dog has made a mistake.